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Weekend in Copenhagen

I never knew much about Copenhagen, and didn't ever have plans to visit. Then, my best-friend moved there for a year to study, and I booked a trip to visit immediately. Together, as a tourist and a local, we have put together our top places visit in Copenhagen for a long weekend.

Local recommendations by Joanna Traynor

I visited Copenhagen in December, which for me was perfect. The weather was cold but no colder than Edinburgh and all the Christmas markets and decorations were out, which made it extra pretty.

Where to stay

We rented in airbnb, about a 15 minute walk from the train station in 'Vesterbro'. We found the location perfect as there was cafes, restaurants and supermarkets right outside the front door, and the centre and activities were all walking distance.

Other places to stay;




Joanna's recommendation

Copenhagen has a very good train service, so if you don't stay in the centre, it's still very easy to get to.

What to do

The obvious recommendation in Copenhagen is Tivoli Gardens. When we went during the winter it was all decorated christmassy and it was so magical and there was so many things to do. Even though it's a tourist hot spot, it's still a must see.

I also recommend taking a canal tour. I can imagine it would be lovely in summer, and even in winter it has radiators inside and a roof. It is an amazing way to see the city, and learn about the heritage.

Our favourite thing to do was to just walk around the streets and go to cute cafes, which are in abundance in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a beautiful, colourful city. There's a gem on every street.

We also went to the design museum on our trip. The exhibition was really interesting, and was my dads highlight. However, it is long, so if you want to see it in full block out a good chunk of time.

Joannas recommandations:

Two of my fave things to do: take a walk along to Nyhavn (the harbour with all the rainbow buildings) and get a waffle on a stick from Gelato Rajissimo or to go for a coffee and cake on the rooftop of Illum or go to the food market

Where to eat.

Surprisingly the Tivoli food court was my favourite place we ate, it's full of the nicest food from all around the world. However, it's pretty busy and hard to grab a seat. I had tacos, bao buns and chips. You just go and order from different stalls and go back to collect, so you can just get lots of little bits.

Another favourite was California kitchen in Vesterbro. This is great for really good healthy food, and was probably the only food we ate that was reasonably priced. It's just nice healthy salads, curry bowls, soups etc.

Joanna will disagree with me here because it's a chain cafe, but if you do what just a nice juice and a quick bite to eat, Joes Juicery is on pretty much every corner. So it's perfect for on the go, refuel.

Joanna's recommendations:


Soul scph

Sea by Kiin Kiin

Joanna lives in Copenhagen so obviously knows all the best places to eat, for more food recommendations in Copenhagen follow joannaeats on instagram.

Tourist Tips

Copenhagen is probably the most expensive place I've ever been. To put it in perspective, a coffee costs £6 and a Mcdonalds regular meal costs £9. Make sure you save up, there is literally no way to do a budget weekend, even if you buy your food from the supermarket it's ridiculously expensive. That being said, everything was of the highest quality, the food and coffees were delicious. The city is spotless and the transport is amazing. I didn't see any 'run down' corner shops, restaurants and pawn shops that you get in most cities. So in my opinion it is worth the money.

Joanna's top tip

On a clear day go up the Rundetaarn (Round Tower) for views over Cph (costs a few pounds) or the tower at Christiansborg Palace is free

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