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Tips for Travelling Tokyo


Tokyo is probably the best place I've ever been I absolutely loved it. I had worries before I went, especially about the language barrier and getting around, but with these tips it was very easy for us. I have created a list on my top tips for having a stress free trip in Tokyo.

1. Pocket Wifi

This was essential for our trip being so easy. We ordered wifi from ninja wifi online, and you can pick it up when you leave baggage claim at the airport. There are a few wifi stalls when you leave, but for us having it prepaid and waiting was very easy. You can drop it off again at the airport when you leave. It cost us about £30 (together) and meant we constantly had wifi on us. You will need wifi in Tokyo because for getting around you'll need to use apple maps, which is great for showing you the trains too.

2. Metro

If you have wifi the metro is so easy to use, it's so quick and inexpensive. I wouldn't use another mode of transport personally. You just need to type where you're going on apple maps and it shows you how to get there by metro. Tip: no one speaks on the metro, and I think taking calls isn't allowed.

3. Umbrella/Jumper

We found the weather pretty temperamental. We always carried a light umbrella on us and a jumper around our waist, as the weather changed multiple times throughout the day.

4. Walking shoes

You'll want to wear your comfiest pair of trainers in Tokyo, or you may be miserable.

5. Money

We found this a bit more difficult. Most ATMs in Tokyo didn't take our cards. Post-offices have international ATMs, I would recommend taking out a good chunk of cash at a time because International ATMs were hard to find. (we also created Monzo accounts before we went the cards are free to use whilst travelling - bring a back up though)

6. Time of day


We went to the Starbucks at Shibuya crossing at 8 am and it was dead, so we had a clear view of the crossing. In Harajuku, nothing opens till 10 am and we went just as everything opened and it was so quiet, had the streets to ourselves. - (also walk through to Harajuku street and its the coolest area with the best vintage shops, most people stayed on Takeshita street).

This also could be related to the time of year we went (beginning of June), we felt like the only tourists which was amazing.

! arigatou gozaimasu ! - They always appreciated when you say thank you in Japanese.

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