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Long Haul flight packing list

I've been on a lot long haul flights so by now, I feel like I have the system down. I have complied a list of the essentials I have to have on a long haul flight.

Save your skin

Airplanes are incredibly dry and dirty. There is a high chance you'll step off the plane with dry skin and possibly breakouts. In my everyday life I don't really fuss about skin care much, I wash my face when I shower and I moisturise. I really don't have a routine. However, when it comes to flights I take it seriously.

Skin care items;

1. hydrating sheet face masks. These are an absolute must, and probably the most important, I don't have one go to one, I buy a couple of different ones but I look for ones that are described as extra extra hydrating. The nip and fab ones I've used a couple times and really like, though they're more expensive. You'll look like a serial killer on the plane, but oh well.

2. Hydrating face mist. I would recommend looking for one that isn't all chemicals, a more pure water one that you can spray during the flight. St. Tropez do a tanning water that you can spray on your face, so it refreshes and subtly tans your face.

3. Face cleanser, I would usually bring a mini micellar water and cotton pads or cleansing wipes. My face feels so dirty on the flights, I cleanse it multiple times throughout the flight. Even better if you find a cleanser that's antibacterial to get all the dirt off your face. I would recommend a cleanser that doesn't require water, because the queues for the bathroom can be long and you want to be able to do this and feel clean in your seat.

4. Moisturiser, again mini so you can take it on the plane. I used the Khiels ultra facial moisturiser as I find it really hydrates my skin, and I do this after every-time I cleanse. A facial oil would be great too, I've often brought them. Just bring your most heavy duty moisturiser, under 100ml. Lip salve too!

5. Hand sanitiser and Hand cream.

(I know this is getting ridiculous now, but you're on a plane for 8+ hours, your skin will die)

6. gel eye masks, or eye cream. It's easy to get an eye cream thats travel size because they're so tiny. Soap and glory do under eye gel masks which I've brought on my last 3 long haul flights.

7. Finally, the dirt clogs up my pores on the plane, so I bring pore strips to get the blackheads off my nose. The Bíore ones are my favourite. (Extra tip, if you're going to East-Asia they're super super cheap, so I stock up as they're pricey in the UK)

Packing list

I make sure I have everything I possibly may need on my flight. However, I don't over pack, from experience I know what's essential and whats not.

Backpack and Cross Body/Bum Bag

Getting through the airport can be a nightmare if you're not prepared. I have a cross body where I keep my passport, phone, money and tickets so they're safe and I have easy access. Then my back pack has items I won't need until the flight. But, making my life easier, I strategically pack my back pack. All the skin care items mentioned above have to go through security seperately. Any liquids I put in a small clear wash bag thats placed at the top or pocket of my backpack so I have easy access to it. When I get to security I take it out and I'm through security asap.

Headphones - I have the beats studio 3 which block out the sound of the plane, obviously you don't need these, but bringing headphones can make your flight a lot nicer. On long haul flights they give you headphones for the entertainment system but you can use your own if they have the normal headphone jack (not iPhone). I wish I brought my headphone cable for my beats because would've made the entertainment so much better.

Eye mask - Some overnight airlines provide them on the flights, my last flights didn't, so if you're a light sleeper bring your own.

Jumper - Every plane I've been on gets freezing freezing, so always pack an extra jumper. I sometimes pack a blanket too, even though they're on the planes they're usually small and you may be cold, but I'd only do this if there's space in my backpack.

A Book

Tooth brush/paste - mini toothpaste, that goes in the liquid bag

A tiny outfit - going to a hot country I roll up a tiny tiny, lightweight, dress. Just incase there's a luggage issue, or if you're getting public transport to your hotel you'll be way to hot and sticky in your plane clothes


- WATER. I bring about 4L or more of water per flight, so with lay overs I buy more water (in the airport because of security obviously)

They do give you water on the plane but it's like one tiny cup every 3 hours, and you can ask for more but that's annoying and it's still a tiny cup. I bring as much water as I can carry onto the plane because it's so dry.

side note - sit in the aisle so you can go to the toilet when you've drank all that water.

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