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Budapest in Autumn

Mid October I was lucky enough to be taken to Budapest for a few days spontaneously. Unlike my usual holidays where I plan everything and take full control, I didn't prepare for this trip. It made it very exciting knowing I'd get off the plane and not know what to expect. Of course, because I still love planning I had watched a few Budapest vlogs and scrolled through the tagged photos on Instagram but that was the extent of it. To my delight I LOVED Budapest, it went beyond all my expectations and left me desperate to explore more European cities and countries instead of going East like usual (stay tuned for my 2020 holidays). Budapest was so grand, and big and clean and beautiful and like something out of a fairy tale.

To my surprise, the city was so hot, which was amazing considering I was wrapping up in my winter jacket back in Edinburgh. It was bustling with life, so many bars and restaurants open and the streets full when we arrived in the centre close to midnight. We decided to stay (I say we although I didn't plan it) in the 'Pest' side of the city. One thing I had no clue about before the trip was that Budapest was in two parts 'Buda' and 'Pest' (three if you count the island in the middle) split by the Danube river. We visited both and I would definitely recommend the 'Pest' side to stay on, it's more contemporary and has more of a nightlife, restaurants and there's just more going on. Buda is older, it has a beautiful old town and castles, and we loved the visit them. My personal highlight was visiting Fishermans Bastion during Golden Hour, the light was amazing over the city, and it felt like we were in a Disney princess castle. Another obvious favourite is the Szechenyi Baths, these are the thermal baths I'm sure you've seen the pictures of in Budapest. The Baths are huge, filled with multiple baths, saunas, steam rooms, freezing plunge pools and probably a lot more nooks and crannies to explore. Although it is a classic tourist spot, it's definitely something I'd recommend to do.

The best thing about Budapest is just the city, to enjoy yourself the most just walk around. There's so much history, and culture and architecture and food. We walked all day, everywhere. I would recommend places to stop by, but the city is so big that there will be an amazing restaurant or gem on most streets. That being said we did love 'Karaván' which was a bunch of food trucks under fairy lights on the cutest street. Apart from that, I would just recommend you explore and leave comments below on your favourite spots you found in the city to help others out.

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