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Where to eat in London.

My last trip to London was all about food, and going to the coolest spot to eat that I've always wanted to try. I've been to London hundreds of times so I wasn't fussed about shopping, or seeing the sites. Pretty much all we did was go from one food spot to the other, and I have no regrets, I only wish there was more meals in the day. 

1. Peggy Porschen 

This might be the most 'instagramable' cafe in the world, it is the prettiest place ever, and the macaroons aren't bad either. Though they only serve cakes and macaroons, so this isn't the place to go if you're starving. We went around 9am and got the best table, as we were the only ones there. I would recommend going early, because it is so popular there's queues during the day as everybody wants a picture, so you might not be able to relax and actually get a coffee if you go to late. 

2. by CHLOE 

WOW. I had heard of 'by CHLOE' before but I thought it was only in America, we had to go when we found out there was one in London. Most of the time I don't eat dairy, and 'by CHLOE' is Vegan, so it was already good to not have to ask to alter all the food/pick only sides to avoid dairy. It may be vegan, but it is not plain. There's burgers, fries, hotdogs etc, we both had the Mac and Cheese and it was so so good, I couldn't believe it was vegan. I highly recommend it, vegan or not, it's so good. We went the next day for breakfast and had pancakes, also amazing. 

3. Whole Foods 

Ok, so I know this is a supermarket, but its heaven. There’s hot food choices and a salad bar, where you can create your own salad boxes to takeaway. They also have a bakery, and you can buy fresh juices and smoothie bowls, creating a lot of options. So really its also a food market, there's outdoor seating too. If you do want a quick, healthy bite to eat, or want to prepare a picnic and sit out in one of Londons many parks, whole foods is the place to go. Although, there's almost too much choice, its hard to not get carried away. 

4. Seven Dials and Kingly Court

If you don't want to travel for one restaurant, these two locations have loads of unique restaurants and cafes, so theres lots of choice, if you don't know what your in the mood for. They're also really cool and colourful, away from all the skyscrapers and busy roads.

5. Élan  

Élan was another really cute cafe, the do the prettiest baked goods, but unlike Peggy Porschen, they also do food! We went for breakfast and it was delicious, though it is pretty expensive so we couldn't get much! If you do have some more spending money, they do really impressive coffee art and cool drinks that are worth a try. 

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