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My favourite places to eat in Edinburgh

In my previous post I mentioned what I eat. For someone who does have a specific eating lifestyle, it may seem hard for me to eat out. That is not the case. Though I do tend to go for the healthier restaurants because thats just what I enjoy, I also mention some popular chain restaurants and what I eat there.

Links to the restaurants are on the restaurant name.

1. Wahaca

This is what I'm craving right now so I needed to mention it. Yes it's a chain restaurant, but omg it is so good and the most flavoursm Mexican food I've had. (maybe controversial but it is ok)

I get the grilled chicken and avocado tacos, urgh they are so GOOD! and the beans and rice (removing the cheese), and of course the guacamole and salsa with tortilla chips.

2. Cafe Tartine

I was reluctant to mention this cafe, because I love it so much and I wanted to keep it to myself, but I won't be selfish. It's always quiet and you can go in and sit on the sofas next to the fire place and have a hot chocolate in winter, and in summer you can sit and look out onto the water of Leith in the conservatory and have breakfast. Urgh I love it. The food is so good. There isn't too many dairy free options as it is French, which isn't the most 'vegan friendly' cuisine. But I manage to modify my order with no problem. For example, when I get hot chocolate I ask for dairy free milk and no whipped cream, and for my poached eggs Royale just asked for no butter on my toast and no Hollandaise sauce.

If you do eat dairy though, lucky you. Because they have the BEST crepes, and rich creamy sauces for their fish, and the hot chocolate (mentioned 3 times now) with all the trimmings is so good.

3. The Compass

This is literally round the corner from my house, but it took me so long to go. The food is unreal. The restaurant is quite fancy, so its a nice place to go for a date night so you can dress up and look cute. Also, at Christmas time the decorations are so extreme and amazing.

At this restaurant I just went for starters and sides, because they're the best options for me. All the mains weren't really great for me personally, but Liam had a burger and said it was the best one he's ever had.

My favourite thing I've tried was the pan fried scallops (I took the piece of bacon off), oh my god, they're like BUTTER!! They are actually out of this world good. (If you've watched hells kitchen you'll know it's hard to get scallops right, but this place does it perfectly)

4. Hula Juice bar

Hula has really good healthy juices, health shots, breakfasts etc. I don't think there's anything on the menu thats not good for you.

My favourite healthy spot it listed below, but a plus of Hula is the location, after your meal you can go walk around the grass market and make a day of it.

I get the avocado toast with smoked salmon, and loads of juices - like literally I'll buy 3-5 drinks so I can take some home. (The turmeric latte is really not great here, but everything else I've tried is unreal)

5. Harajuku Kitchen

The best Japanese restaurant in Edinburgh by far. They also have a stall at the Stockbridge market every Sunday where they have noodles and dumplings. The Sushi is unreal, the hot food is unreal, the veggie gyoza are the best thing in the world. And the owner is a third generation Japanese chef, so this place is authentic!

6. Grams

Grams is my absolute favourite breakfast spot. The avocado toast is the best thing on earth (not to be dramatic). Not only does it look beautiful, it is the best tasting thing ever. I usually end up ordering another breakfast because it's too good.

7. Oqo (your coffee nook)

This isn't really a food spot (although they do have delicious food). However, it's my favourite cafe for tea, cake and a sandwich. I spend most days here studying. It's got the best aesthetic, tea, and staff.

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