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My 20th Birthday in Ibiza

This year I was lucky enough to spend my 20th Birthday in Ibiza with my best friend. Having a Birthday in June I've spent a lot of my birthdays abroad, and I love it. You can't have a bad birthday in the sun, fact.

I woke up on my birthday in Ibiza and went to breakfast and the gym, and when I came back Tida had decorated the whole bedroom for me! With balloons, confetti, cards and banners. That was the best start to my birthday ever, putting the biggest smile on my face. I love that it was all pink too, so cute. We then went to go get all glittery at the hard rock cafe, then went for lunch and a cocktail. Having a seafood carbonara was probably the worst idea before I had to be in a bikini all day, especially because I should not eat dairy. The bloating was not good.

After lunch we then got ready for ocean beach, but not without having a bottle of prosecco and plenty of drinks, because we can't afford the ocean beach life.

This outfit lasted about 10 minutes, because unfortunately Tida is tiny, and it barely fit at all. I got a cute birthday picture in my sash though, so life was good. After a quick outfit change we headed to ocean beach, and had the best time! It was meant to be stormy, but luckily the sun came out for us. The only problem I had on my birthday was no one actually read the sash, and everyone thought I was on my hen do, the white bikini probably didn't help either, however, that was a very minor issue.

After the best day at ocean we were starving, we rushed back to the hotel to get changed then headed out to get sushi. This was the third day in a row we had been to this sushi place called 'sushimi' and we were obsessed. Sushi is pretty random drunk food, but we needed to go somewhere special for my birthday, and it didn't disappoint. The waiter even put a candle on my gyoza and sung happy birthday to me!

I had the best birthday ever, one I'll never forget. I'm already planning where I want to go for my 21st birthday, it will have to be somewhere amazing to celebrate. We did plan to go to an event to end my birthday, but we ended up falling asleep, which I'm definitely not mad about because I avoided a hangover!

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