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A weekend in Barcelona

Last April my boyfriend took me to Barcelona for a long weekend (yes he's amazing). Barcelona was a charming city, I wish we got to explore a bit more.

I will say the weather was not how we expected it, so if you do go pack some jeans, a jumper and an umbrella just incase. Also, I haven't mentioned the main tourist attractions, just the places that we enjoyed.

Hammock Juice Station

Yep, there's a juice bar in Barcelona where you sit in hammocks to eat. And above that, the juice and food is really good (if you like healthy food that is). We had a hummus/dip platter, with homemade kale chips, carrots etc that you dip in the hummus. (ok maybe that sounds gross but it's not). There's really good juices and turmeric lattes and health shots too. Or you could just go and get a coffee and take a picture in a hammock. It's really close to the 'Sagrada Famila' too, which is another place I recommend, but very touristy.

Camp Nou

(ok this is a tourist attraction, but more for the football lovers). Camp Nou is probably the reason my boyfriend chose to take me to Barcelona in the first place. Despite the fact I could not care less about football, the Barcelona FC football stadium actually surprised me. It was a good day out, I wouldn't go if I didn't have a football obsessed boyfriend, but if like me, you do; I would recommend going here, its pretty cool. You get to go in the changing rooms (where Messi has been), and through onto the pitch, through the tunnel where the players go. (ok it maybe doesn't sound that cool, but I actually did have fun)

Diagonal mar park

This was right next to our second hotel (Barcelona princess), and it actually turned out to be our favourite place. It's a beautiful park, with a pond, sculptures, and charming gardens. It's quiet, there was only locals and school kids when we were there. We went to the supermarket and got some fruit, drinks and snacks and went out and had a picnic in the park the morning before we left. Which was the highlight on my weekend.

We went to some of the tourist attractions, and shopping areas. But our favourite thing to do was to walk around the city, beach and parks. We liked popping into cute cafes, and just sitting on benches in the sun chatting (we're 100 years old). If you are in Barcelona the best thing to do is just explore, find places the locals go and go to the areas that aren't full of tourists and you'll have the best time.

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