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Thailand (2016)

The first holiday I paid for ALL BY MYSELF was Thailand, in June 2016. It was also my first time flying so far without my parents. But it was so worth it. (June also does seem like a great time to go, as the schools aren't on holiday, so it seems to be a lot cheaper and less busy, I learnt that when booking this years holiday at the end of July)

Since the I've had so many questions about where to go, what to do, how much it cost etc.

I only went to 3 places so I don't have all the answers, but this is my experience.

1. Bangkok.

We stayed in Bangkok for 3 nights, and if you like shopping it definitely has a lot of small stalls, and big chain shops. The shopping is great.

Also the bayioke sky tower gives you a 360 degree view of Bangkok, I would recommend going at night, because the view is better when you can see all the lights.

Apart from that, Bangkok let me down a bit, and after a day I just wanted to go to the beach. It's boiling hot with no breeze, really busy (It took us hours to get from the airport to the hotel), and the food we tried wasn't that great. If I was to go back to Thailand, I think I would only stay 1 night.

The hotel we stayed in was incredible though, it's the 'Amari Watergate Bangkok', the staff were so friendly, and it was so luxury. The best part was the roof top pool that over looked the city.

2. Koh Samui

WOW. everyone needs to go to Koh Samui.

We stayed in Bophut, which is a small Fishermans village, only about a 10min taxi ride from Chaweng, which has more clubs, bars and shopping.

Although Chaweng was nice, Bophut is so much nicer, it's a lot quieter and the beaches are almost empty (which is definitely better for photos) also, the village itself is tiny, but there is some amazing restaurants and bars, the food is delicious. On holiday I HATE when it's made for western tourists so all the food is burgers, chips and pizza. And you can't find anything remotely healthy, or authentic to the country. Thats why I loved Bophut, you can find the best food there and there's lots of options.

I went to 'Karma Sutra' for my birthday, and the food was unbelievable.

There's also beach bar called 'coco tams', that had hammocks, day beds, and swings as bar stools all made from wood. But not only did it look so good, it had the best lycée mojitos (and other drinks).

We stayed in in Bandara Resort and Spa in Koh Samui, and it is by far the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in to this day. So I would defiantly recommend it.

3. Activities

I love a white sandy beach, but that can be really really boring. When I am on holiday I need to do activities

In Koh Samui they offer so much, it is also really easy to book. Usually your hotel will help you out by calling the company (for whatever the activity is) and getting them to pick you up from your hotel. But you can also book on with the locals. For Jet skiing and the day trip to Koh Tao we just booked on the beach. For Jet Skiing you just rent on there and then, and for the day trip you pay your deposit and they tell you where to go.

Its really easy, and fairly priced. I would definitely recommend doing as much activities as you can, because they're so much fun and.make the whole trip.

We went jet skiing (so much fun), Quad biking through the jungle, I just went on the back of Liams one at it was still so fun, but they can be dangerous, so if your not confident driving one, go on the back. Then we went Zip Lining through the jungle, which was amazing.

4. Price.

So for 2 weeks in Thailand for hotels and flights it cost £1300 pp!!

We also both spent about £700 each when we were there, but that was for clothes, food, day trips, jet skis, zip lining, quad biking. YEAH ITS CHEAP!

But, I think going in June is part of the reason we did get it so cheap. So if you are hesitant to go to Thailand because of the price tag, just go, it's cheaper than you think. We went to Mallorca (Spain) in July for 10 days the same year, and it cost MORE.


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