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Pink Sands of Wadi Rum

When I look back at my time in Jordan, the place I remember enjoying the most was the desert of Wadi Rum. Although my feet burnt and being from Scotland I was not used to the hot desert air. The tranquility and emptiness of the desert was breathtaking. I recommend that anyone visiting Jordan ventures out on the back of a truck through the desert.

The way the water had eroded the rocks leaving these huge holes was unlike anything I had seen before.

We went out in the early afternoon and were taken to a Bedouin tent where we were greeted with tea (which defiantly contained more sugar that tea). There was also the option to buy some hand made crafts and food.

We continued to venture on into the desert, passing wandering camels and we came to another tent where we hand lunch. Which was probably one of the most delcious meals I've had.

I was so sceptical when my Dad said we were going to Jordan on holiday, but to this day it is up there in the top 3 places I've ever been. I would highly recommend Jordan, you will be blown away just like I was.

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