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My Day Trip to Koh Tao

Today, I headed out to Koh Tao. It was only an hour boat ride from my hotel at Boh Phut, Koh Samui. This day was definitely my favourite day of my trip to Thailand. I had never seen water so clear and blue in my life.

We spent the day snorkling around the reefs of Koh Tao, seeing an array of multicoloured fish! If you ever go to Thailand definitely spend a day exploring Koh Tao and Koh Nanyuan.

If you do plan on going up to the view point (seen below), be prepared to SWEAT!!! It's a very long walk up a steep set of stairs, and in the 35 degree heat you'll look like you've just jumped out the water! When you do get to the top the ledge can only fit about 2 people at a time so be prepared to wait to get your photo, but the view is amazing and well worth the climb and scramble to get up to look at the spit joining the 2 islands and the clear water.

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